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UNE EN 1794-2 establishes the requirements for all components installed on any road which, besides playing their role, present no risk to road users or to any other people who might be nearby, or to the environment in general.

These devices should not facilitate the spread of a fire from the shoulder or the adjoining land. In addition, it may be enforced a fire resistance that meets specific standards to reduce the risk of spreading to adjacent premises or to road users in narrow passages.

Road traffic noise reducing devices should not reflect the light to the point of affecting road safety. Under any circumstances should the materials that noise-reducing devices are made of  emit smoke or noxious liquids from natural or industrial processes, or due to fire. These devices should enable road users to leave quickly and likewise facilitate the access of security personnel in an emergency.

This European Standard specifies minimum requirements and other evaluation criteria for the general safety and the behavior of road traffic noise reducing devices in relation to the environment under typical conditions existing in the roads.

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