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The redirective TAU TUBE Crash Cushion features excellent impact performance at an affordable price by utilizing a superior telescoping, energy absorbing design. The TAU TUBE Crash Cushion, which absorbs impacts of up to 110km/h in less than 6m, provides the high performances of a redirective crash cushion in a very narrow space and in tunnels. The TAU TUBE Crash Cushion has been engineered to allow some interchangeably with TAU spare parts, which results in significant savings in inventory and maintenance costs.

The TAU TUBE Crash Cushion has been designed using the best engineering solutions and the most advanced material to guarantee the highest performance. The alluminium parts used for absorbing energy are resistant to any type of corrosion.


  • Meets EN 1317-3 110 km/h test criteria
  • Low cost hazard protection
  • Absorbs up to 110km/h in less than 6m
  • Installable in tunnels and narrow hazard points
  • Uses similar components to the TAU
  • Easy to install

Where to use

Technical especifications

1   Clasiffication Redirective
2   Length 1.900-5.900 mm
3   Width 850-2.600 mm
4   Heigh 820 mm
5   Weight 500-1.500 kg
6   Velocity(*) 50,80,100 and 110 Km/h
7   Velocity(**) 80, 100 and 110Km/h
8   Standard EN 1317-3

(*) Parallel model
(**) XL model

Frequently asked questions

What makes the TAU TUBE Crash Cushion different from the other redirective, crash cushions on the market?

The TAU TUBE utilizes a telescoping, high technology design to provide safe and consistant performance, at a lower cost than other redirective crash cushions. The TAU TUBE can absorb an impact of up to 110km/h in less than 6m.

What type of safety barriers can the TAU TUBE Crash Cushion be connected to?

The TAU TUBE System is designed to be attached to almost any safety barrier, including double/triple-beam guardrail and concrete.

Where can the TAU TUBE Crash Cushion be installed?

The TAU TUBE can be installed on concrete.

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