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Single metal barrier for lateral side. System formed by a triple wave barrier, spacer, brace and U posts 2 metres apart.

Impact Tests

TL-3 and TL-4 according to MASH

Test: 4-10 passenger car 1,100 Kg –  100 Km/h 25º
Test code: MASH003
Date: june 2014
Accredited laboratory: AISICO (Italy)

Test: 4-11 Pick-up 2,270 Kg – 100 Km/h – 25º
Test code: MASH002
Date: june 2014
Accredited laboratory: AISICO (Italy)

Test: 4-12 Truck 10,000 Kg – 90 Km/h – 15º
Test code: MASH001
Date: june 2014
Accredited laboratory: AISICO (Italy)

Performance parameters

Containment Level
TL-3 and TL-4 (MASH)
Dynamic deflection

Components for sections of 4 m

1 Triple wawe barrier 4 m1
2 U post – 120x60x6 mm of 2,000 mm2
3 Impact attenuator for triple wave2
4 Brace of 4,140 mm1
5 Round head bolt M16x30, with nut12
6 Round head bolt M16X40, with nut8
7 Hexagon head cap bolt M16x50, with nut6
8 Hexagon head cap bolt M16x35, with nut2
9 Washer Ø17x35x4 mm28
10 Rectangular washer 100x40x5 mm, mounting hole 30×18 mm4
11 Reflector1
Note for the beginning and end of the section: For each section it incorporates a brace of 3,110 mm and another brace of 1,110 mm.


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