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UNE EN 14388 establishes the searchable and actionable technical specifications in a noise reducing panel, and details reference standards for each of these specifications: EN1793-1, EN1793-2, EN1794-1 and EN1794-2.
Additionally, it details the obligations of the manufacturer:


  1. To provide installation instructions, which should describe the way the product (soundproof elements, full anti noise barriers, etc.) must be installed to obtain the behaviour measured in the initial type test, and a maintenance manual which must specify the measures which are necessary or which must be avoided to maintain the durability of the acoustic behavior, transparency, structural resistance, etc.


  1. To perform initial tests in the first application of this standard.


  1. The manufacturer shall establish, document and maintain a system of Factory Production Control to ensure that the products are in conformity with the performance characteristics indicated. It should be considered that a CPF system according to EN ISO 9001: 2000 and particularized to the requirements of this standard meets the requirements.
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