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Steel and wood combined system for lateral side, formed by a metal barrier with spacer, and C posts 2 metres apart. The barrier and posts are covered in wood.

Performance parameters

Containment levelH2Working width (W)W3Impact SeverityB
Dynamic Deflection (D)0.7 m


Components for sections of 4 m

1 Flat barrier with central nose of 4,300x392x4 mm1
2 C Post-130x70x6 of 2,000 mm2
3 Trapezoidal spacer 550x354x6 mmm2
4 Bolt DIN 603 M16x4010
5 Bolt DIN 603 M16x602
6 Hexagon head cap bolt DIN 933 M16x5022
7 Nut DIN 934 M1634
8 Washer Ø17x35x456
9 Wooden lateral protector for post 735x125x20 mm4
10 Wooden front protector for post 500x105x20 mm2
11 Wooden crossbeam Ø200 mm and 3,990 mm2


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