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Profile for bridges, viaducts, culverts and retaining walls on the side of the slope. System formed by two horizontal crossbeams, spacer and posts 2.5 metres apart. The system provides terminals and transitions according to the needs.

Performance parameters

Containment levelH2Working Width (W)W5Impact SeverityB
Dynamic Deflection (D)1.1 m


Components for sections of 7.5 m

1 Pre-assembled post3
2 Profile 170x145x4 mm of 7,495 mm1
3 Profile 100x100x3 mm of 7,495 mm1
4 Upper connector1
5 Connector of 500 mm for profile 100x100x3 mm1
6 Spacer3
7 Bolt DIN 603 M20x2006
8 Bolt DIN 603 M16x1303
9 Hexagon head cap bolt DIN 933 M18x406
10 Threaded rod M 20×23012
11 Nut DIN 934 M2018
12 Nut M164
13 Nut DIN 934 M1818
14 Washer DIN 125 M206
15 Washer Ø17x35x4 mm4
16 Washer 40x40x6 mm M1824
17 Washer 40x40x6 mm M2012
18 Bracket for profile 170x145x4 mm with welded bolts3
19 Bracket for profile 100x100x3 mm with welded bolts3
20 Resin500 c.c.

End terminal + transition components

1 End terminal (left/right)1
2 Angled parapet terminal (left/right)1
3 Straight parapet terminal1
4 Bolt DIN 603 M16x1805
5 Washer 70x70x5 mm M165
6 Nut M165



* Profiles of 4,995 mm and 2,495 mm will be used to fit the length of the sections
* The sections must be multiple of 2.5 m

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